Business and Industry

Corporate hospitality
We run an in-house café for a major American producer of film, television, and music entertainment, based in central London.

We serve 600 staff daily offering breakfast, lunch and afternoon cafés. The daily changing menu offers seasonal and healthy classics.

We also offer the full repertoire of hospitality to the company, from morning tea, coffee and Danish, sandwiches and evening canapés. Menus are varied and true to our philosophy to source locally wherever possible, even from central London.

"Leafi were chosen because right from the outset when we met with Liam and Fiona it was very obvious that they were two of the most passionate and driven people we had ever had the pleasure to meet! We were looking for uniqueness from a company with whom we could not just sign a contract, but also with whom we could build a partnership and relationship where we all work hard together - to make money, have fun and truly integrate them into our business - and hopefully forge a partnership that will go on and on."
From the Facilities Manager at the largest Multi-Media Film and Television Company

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