Environmental and Ethical Practices

Environmental and Ethical
We are instinctive believers in environmental and ethical responsibilities. It is not something we add on to our business. It is intrinsically part of the way we work.

Management and employment culture
We operate as hands on day to day managers of the business. We encourage and reward staff by creating a culture of empowered managers, valuing them, and making them feel part of something special. We pay above national minimum wage rates. Our focus is on training, developing  and promoting  from within, and we build a relationship with staff built on honesty, respect and encouragement.

We currently recycle all glass, paper, cardboard, tins, aluminium, plastics and compost where local facilities exist. Our team are in the habit of doing this and see it as usual practice.

Fair trade/sustainable products
We use fairtrade branded tea, and our coffee is sourced from family and smallholder co-operatives. The coffee is hand ground in small batches in East London. Our London bread supplier makes all of their products using traditional baking methods. The bread is more expensive than most, but it tastes better than most too.

Locally sourced products
We currently source some local products at our sites in London and North Kent. And we will actively  build relationships with small, like minded businesses in Kent to provide us with local produce, particularly fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy, ales and ciders.

Free range products
Our butcher is a family run business with over one hundred years’ experience, with a completely free range stock of meat and eggs. Wherever possible our business will always use a local free range butchers and a local farm shops.

Packaging materials
We use a supplier that offers us environmentally friendly food and beverage packaging products. All are biodegradable, some are compostable and most are manufactured from recycled materials or maize starch.

Bio fuels
Our main grocery supplier uses bio fuels on more than 50% of its vehicles and as a large logistical operator can minimize food miles through it’s excellent supply chain planning.

Small suppliers
We actively seek out smaller, and frankly more interesting suppliers. We are a small company, and feel it’s how we prefer to do business.